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Team Building With It's A Knockout Events

Team building and good staff moral in today’s ever-more competitive and global business world is essential if your company wants to lead the pack.

Without a fully skilled and coherent workforce your team will not perform. And whilst team building is presumed to be expensive in terms of your training budget, there's no doubt that without it could be very costly indeed in lost sales, leads and poor performance. You owe it to your business, staff and customers to have a top performing team.

And great news: there's a novel and fun way to get your staff cogs turning like a well oiled machine... and it's called It's A Knockout. Yes really - it's a team game after all!

OK so you want to ensure that any learning, training or team building is fun fun fun but it also has to have a serious and professional edge to it and be challenging enough to be worth while for all concerned. Well It's A Knockout Team Building is a different but fun approach to the problem.

And I think as soon as you mention "It's A Knockout" to your workforce they WILL BE BUZZING more than any training books, classroom lectures, role-play or outward bound will do. Your personnel will want to take part because it will not sound like formal team-building. Plus they’ll be giddy with delight in getting out on location and out of the stuffy office or shop-floor.

As soon as you announce this novel team-building idea, moral is already creeping up at the thought of all that "It's A Knockout" fun to be had. Instantly the office or factory floor will be awash with jokes, team-talk, what to wear, team-names, supporters, the friendly banter and a general lightening of the mood... you're already winning!

So what does It's A Knockout do? Well the staff will have fun picking their teams and team name (or you could delegate) and they'll probably want to get into shape for the Big Day – all to everyone's good I think? Well you can have many many teams in It's A Knockout and to make it interesting you could try managers v staff, departmental 'wars', boys v girls, etc. It all needs to be a friendly rivalry - but with that message that competitiveness is part of the corporate world but IT CAN BE FUN TOO!

You'll soon see how the games and team atmosphere will help towards the following aspects of a winning team culture.

  • Games are challenging and interactive, verbally and physically
  • Gaining leadership skills and setting goals
  • Promotes and boosts better moral / team harmony
  • Breaks inter-departmental barriers
  • Teaches competitiveness in a positive way
  • Gives a fun social outlet for team / departments
  • It's exercise and gets staff active and healthier
  • Can be used to promote brand values
  • Develops potential in individuals / teams
  • Has direct performance benefits in the workplace
  • Allows staff to express their ideas and be creative
  • Staff are generally happier and more motivated post games

And I reckon that the cost of such event will be more than re-generated in leads, sales and efficiency after your staff return to the workplace... the END PRODUCT is good team building. So why not try something out of the ordinary that’s a really fun, creative and cost-effective way to build your business teams. Get out of the office, shop or factory, it could make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your business.

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