How you can run a Charity Fun Day without having to ruin your body?

Whether it is small non-profit or a worldwide organization, charities are an integral part of every community. Charities change the lives of people in need every day with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in a community. However, a charity relies on your support to continue their work in the community.

So, what can we actually do to raise mountains of cash for good causes, with celebrities undertaking tasks that even superman would feel intimidated by. These tasks involve copious months of training, dedication and grit, that most wouldn’t even dream of doing. Take Eddie Izzard and David Walliams for example, 2 mammoth tasks and ludicrous amounts of money raised for good causes. But how feasible is it? Both Eddie and David had teams of people working tirelessly behind the scene to make it possible. Can a normal person have a realistic opportunity to do a similar event?

If were being honest no. The amount of capital needed to put on an event like that is would be astronomical with no guarantee that amount raised would cover costs let alone generate a sum that could match the challenges enormity if we’re being cynical. The only real way to generate that sort of sum would be high volume of people with medium donation sizes. Something like the London marathon where you have high volume of traffic all raising a couple of hundred pounds. Equally, marathon training is also very strenuous and it excludes people from taking part in some cases.  

The classic BBC ‘It’s A Knockout’ could provide all the answers, putting FUN back into FUNdraising We’re a Knockout has 15 years’ experience in creating such events that raise in their tens of thousands in 5 hours. So how does it work? First would be drum up enough teams to compete for the afternoon we suggest 240 people, so 24 teams of 10 but this number can be increased. If everyone raises £50 that’s roughly £12,000. £10 would go towards the payment for the knockout and the rest to charity. Past events have been really effective in trying to raise as much as they can and who ever raises the most gets bonus points at the start of the day which gives the incentive to raise as much as they can. The actually Knockout Event to ball park a figure is roughly £3000 but can be negotiated for charitable causes. The actually event is a plethora of fun and entertainment that whole family can enjoy which means that the event is highly successful and everybody feels like they have contributed to a good cause. The Belper Games has been running for 6 years now and they have raised over £100,000 for Make a Wish foundation. The link you there YouTube video of how the 2016 Game when is HERE – check it out and we hope you’ll consider us for your next charity event.

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