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It's A Knockout Charity Fund Raising: "It's A Knockout" was originally a BBC TV Game Show and was very popular with family audiences during the 70's and 80's. It is a multi-team game played for maximum team fun with crazy tactics and usually involved dressing-up, a lot of crazy mishaps and very slippery foam. It was compulsive TV viewing and entertainment for most UK families at that time as there were only 3 TV channels then and it was before computers and the Internet.

Nowadays, the "BBC Knockout" tradition lives on with many Event Management companies offering entertaining games packages that make excellent family fun days, charity fund raisers, sports days, corporate team building events or simply a special festival day. Increasingly businesses and organisations team these events up with the chance to raise money for a good cause.

The specially designed games use colourful bouncy inflatable obstacles, props and character costumes (such as Teletubbies or Sumo Wrestlers) to keep the participants and watching audience entertained. It undoubtedly creates a fun atmosphere for your event. There is always lots of fun, cheers, booing, thrills and spills to gee-up the event. It is a MUST-BOOK for large summer fairs and community events where lots of people will be.

"It's A Knockout" events are spectacular, which provides a colourful centre piece at a larger festival and a fantastic opportunity to raise money through sponsorship and donations for your chosen charity. The main benefits are multiple:

  • The game can be used for fund raising because "Knockout" always draws the people in
  • It is interesting to play "Knockout" and hilarious to watch
  • Each event is unique and action-packed and can be tailored to your needs
  • It's a proven method for charity fund raising
  • It is ideal entertainment for large corporate celebrations, local council events and family fun days
  • It promotes team building, participation and can encourage community spirit
  • Everybody loves the fun, variety and entertainment - laughing is infectious
  • It's a large outdoor event so great for the summer outings / seaside or festivals
  • 100's of people can participate in the teams of 10
  • They are always 'best seller' events and well attended

If you want to plan your Knockout charity event then you will need a large flat, grassy area approximately the size of a football ground, ideally with access to water. "It's A Knockout" can also be played indoors if large enough, but the outside soft ground is more suitable.

It's A Knockout Packages: Events can be tailored to your needs but typically, you are provided with ten fully equipped games as standard to include all the inflatable and ancillary equipment, trained staff, a full PA and compeer, a professional paramedic with response vehicle, music, registration and team identification, scoreboard, medals for winning team, £5m public liability insurance, a free venue finding service, client information pack and an experienced professional "It's A Knockout" event management team.

We're A Knockout Ltd have years of experience in successful charity events that might include Corporate Team Building or Challenge Days. They are a fun learning experience and good community PR. It's a team game after all! "It's A Knockout" lends itself very well to your team building program. We are a team of experienced and highly qualified Physical Educationalists who under take bespoke "It's A Knockout" and "Team Building" events. We are now in our tenth successful year.

We manage team building activities, festivals, carnivals, sports days, parties and large team events using giant inflatable games and costumes. Professional, challenging and Fun. It's A Knockout Games will be guarantee a GREAT CHARITY DAY!

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