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FAMILY FUN EVENTS WITH IT'S A KNOCKOUT: We all want and need to have some fun, to relax with the family or just get away from the same old routine for a while. It's human nature to balance our busy lifestyles with some "down-time". Life is for living and that means every so often we should slow down and enjoy it!

Increasingly though, with the advent of smaller online gadgets, social media and 24/7 TV, both adults and in particular children are becoming more isolated from real social events, human interaction and one-to-one conversations. So the good ol' fashioned family fun and 'play-time' is missing from our modern lives. Even though we know that making space and time with our children will instil good family and social values that reap rewards for the rest of our born days. We should all do more to free up "interactive" time for family and friends... have we really forgotten how to enjoy our family time?

So what to do for Family Fun?

* Take 'em to a Cinema: Yes, even though DVD movies are available to rent or buy and you have a 50" plasma at home, many people find that the real excitement of a movie is in front of the big cinema screen.

* Take in a Sporting Event: A family can enjoy sporting events like football, racing, track and field or tennis. perhaps you could start by taking the family to a local sports game or event.

* Go to a Concert or Theatre: Look through the local paper, there are usually free park concerts in the summer or special festivals for Easter or Christmas.

* Ice Skating / Bowling: Most towns have a leisure centre these days so book an hour on the rink or court for a bit of light team sport.

* Swimming: Pull on your swimming gear and get the children on the pool, it's a great exercise and fun way to spend an hour.

* Walking: Parks are underused, take the children (and the dog) to the park, feed the ducks, make a picnic.

* Have a Barbecue: Kids and adults love eating outdoors and kick a ball around while the food cooks.

* Visit Relatives: When was the last time your saw the Aunts and Uncles?

* Beside the Seaside: Even out of season the coastline is enjoyable and full of wildlife, people, entertainments, restaurants and beach walks.

* Play Board Games: There are some excellent board games, quiz games and even the old ones still provide good family entertainment.

* Learn about your History: Visit your museums or historic buildings or take a day trip to great historic cities like York, Lincoln or Stratford-Upon-Avon.

OK, even for today's busiest families, family fun time might seem like a distant fantasy but with a little bit of planning and dedication, your family fun will become a reality, even a part of your weekly schedule.

So get your thinking cap on and challenge your family to make time for an "out-of-the-house" activity.

These are the cost and health benefits to your family socials: the exercise and spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, the scenery and making new friends or meeting new people.

Regardless of the planning, it is important to ensure that each family member has a say in the activity. So get creative and involve the whole family in putting aside great family time!

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