It's A Knockout Games Hire - Great Fun For One And All

Crazy antics and It's A Knockout games and even crazier people playing them!

  • Game 1

    Teletubbie Challenge!

    Dress up and have a go. Learn to Hoopla the Teletubbie way, then drive through the Bish Bash before launching your hula hoop over the giant inflatable Hoopla.

  • Game 2

    Watch Where You Are Going!

    Giant balls, cones and wobbly people.

  • Game 3

    Ultimate Relay

    Giant caterpillar tracks, four person sacks and team planks.

  • Game 4

    Beat The Cube

    Challenge yourself to complete the giant puzzle.

  • Game 5

    Gun Barrel Run!

    Build your own cannon! But first you need to transport the barrel over a giant inflatable obstacle course as you collect all the pieces together. Then it's get set - and FIRE!

  • Game 6

    Rise To The Challenge!

    Fill your tube and make the ball rise to the surface with the help of just a little bit of water.

  • Game 7

    Foam Pit!

    With a twist... Ever done an Australian press up? Well now's your chance! Then under the tunnel before entering the foam pit! Now show us your skills, take aim and fire into the giant line out net!

  • Game 8

    Count Up!
    (As Opposed To 'Count Down')

    Relay race over parallel bars to collect a required set of numbers to meet the challenge.

  • Game 9

    Michael Jordan Look Alike!

    Giant basketball ring and shooting game.

  • Game 10

    Grand Finale!

    Penguin challenge obstacle course with a staggered start on points awarded to allow everyone the chance of winning.

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